Price: $54.99
(as of Oct 11,2022 09:01:41 UTC – Details)

Remember these are games from the early days of gaming. while fun to play the video graphics are not as good as what you enjoy in todays world. While most games are in English a few may be in the language of their origin. Quality is better then what you would have seen in the 80’s but still less then more powerful game systems in todays world. If you have any issues with this product please send me a message so I can help you with the issue. This system powers with a micro usb plug. Make sure the connection you connect to on your TV is also set on the TV Input screen. Graphics are indicitive of graphics as they were designed in the 80’s. ** This game system is designed to download your own games. You are encouraged to download the games you wish to play from an authorized vendor and save them to your system. Games should be purhcased in an .nes format to ensure correct emulation. ** As a background most of these games were originally designed and created in japan for english markets.

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