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Here’s my easy to follow guide of how you can transfer your PC games from Steam, EA Origin, Epic Games, Blizzard, or XBox Game Pass for PC, to a new hard drive, and even to an external hard drive, without downloading them all again! A must-watch that will save you hours! 😊

Modern games are over 100GB in size, so upgrading your hard drive is just one of those things that eventually you’ll have to do. Downloading all your game libraries again though is time consuming, and also, not necessary!

I will also show you how to move ALL your games onto a single external hard drive, and then plug that hard drive into multiple PCs and laptops so that they all run off the same external drive. That’s a MASSIVE cost saver, and time saver too! 😊

So, whether you are looking to move your steam games to another hard drive, or move your blizzard, origin, epic games or microsoft store games to another drive, each chapter in this video has you covered.

Seagate One Touch 4TB External Hard Drive

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* Cut and paste existing game folder to new location on new drive
* In ‘Settings’ change the ‘Installation Location’ to the new location.
* Start the Game and will pick up the new folder location

E.A Origin
* Change default download folder: Go to ‘Application Settings / Installs & Saves / Set ‘Game Library Location’ to new folder
* For each game in your ‘My Game Library’, right-click the thumbnail, and select ‘Move Game’ and select the new folder location. Origin will then move the game for you.
* Once finished moving the game, you can play it!

Epic Games
* Cut and paste existing game folder to new location on new drive
* rename the new folder to something different (e.g. rename ‘Fortnite’ to ‘_Fortnite’)
* Start installation of game and choose the folder of the new location (not the renamed one)
* Cancel the download at 2%
* Delete the directory that it just created (e.g. Fortnite)
* Rename your copied folder back to it’s original name (e.g. rename ‘_Fortnite’ back to ‘Fortnite’)
* Start Game and it will pick up the new folder location

* Add new drive as a library folder: Go to ‘Settings / Downloads’ and select ‘Steam Library Folders’. Add a folder on your new drive as a new library folder.
* Move Game to new drive: In your library right-click on each game. Select ‘Properties / Local Files / Move Install Folder…’. Select the new library folder as the destination.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Set up the new hard drive
2:42 Blizzard
4:04 EA Origin
5:14 Epic Games
7:37 Steam
9:08 XBox Game Pass for PC
10:48 Recommendations

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